Lucifer, my King

Gay Demons


He’s arrogant, narcissistic, lazy, and extremely temperamental. He’s the ideal king for a race forged by sin. Yet under his rule, he created a paradise for a race long since denied a home, and gave them a purpose in their eternal lives. His origins are unknown, but legend says he rose from the shadows when the demons were on the brink of extinction during the War of Heaven. With his mastery in strategics and his power unmatched, he lead the remains of his race for a final assault that lead them to victory and lead them to live for another day. He currently lives out his days governing his people all while searching for the fallen angel, Satan, to officially end the war that’s been teetering on the balance for the past 2,000 years.
Viktor Vladimir
2nd son of Nikita, general of the demonic army, Viktor lives a carefree life of luxury. Having met Lucifer during the War of Heaven, he has faithfully stayed by his side since then. His love for his king is pure and he would do absolutely anything for him. Rarely is Viktor seen away from Lucifer’s side, because of Lucifer’s lazy tendencies, he’s the one often calling the shots on the king’s behalf, which leads to debate in the commoners world on who really holds the crown to Hell.

Nikita Vladimir
General of the Demonic Army, Nikita is one of Lucifer's most powerful allies. His rough history and tragic heartbreak is a driving force to end the war entirely, which is why he aids Lucifer effortlessly with his quest to find Satan. He currently resides on Earth in his native country of Russia, protecting the final resting place of his beloved wife from encroaching city life.